Friday, August 31, 2012

Odds Of War With Iran Increasing

Odds Of War With Iran Increase To 40% -- Dominic Tierney, The Atlantic

Our expert panel gauges the odds that the United States or Israel will strike the Islamic Republic in the next year.

The probability of conflict with Iran is now at 40 percent, according to The Atlantic's Iran War Dial.

We've assembled a high profile team of experts from the policy world, academia, and journalism to periodically predict the chances that Israel or the United States will strike Iran in the next year. For more on the Iran War Dial and the panelists, visit our FAQ page.

Peace remains more likely than war. But the chances of conflict have ticked upward for the second month in a row, from 36 percent in June, to 38 percent in July, and now 40 percent in August.

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My Comment: I have always ridiculed this metric used by The Atlantic in the past .... the odds of war are either zero or 100 percent .... it's like .... you are pregnant or you are not. In regards to what are the odds of war with Iran .... for now I say that it is zero.

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