Friday, August 31, 2012

What Is The Connection Between The New York Times And The CIA?

Correspondence And Collusion Between The New York Times And The CIA -- Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian

Mark Mazzetti's emails with the CIA expose the degradation of journalism that has lost the imperative to be a check to power

The rightwing transparency group, Judicial Watch, released Tuesday a new batch of documents showing how eagerly the Obama administration shoveled information to Hollywood film-makers about the Bin Laden raid. Obama officials did so to enable the production of a politically beneficial pre-election film about that "heroic" killing, even as administration lawyers insisted to federal courts and media outlets that no disclosure was permissible because the raid was classified.

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More News On The New York Times Giving The CIA A Heads-Up On One Of Their Articles

Times Reporter Shared Maureen Dowd Column With C.I.A. Before Publication -- New York Times
New York Times Reporter Shared Unpublished Maureen Dowd Column With CIA [Updated] -- New York Magazine
NYT reporter leaked advance copy of Maureen Dowd column to CIA -- Politico
New York Times Reporter Ran a Maureen Dowd Column by the CIA -- The Atlantic
New York Times reporter leaked colleague's column to the CIA -- RT
New York Times Reporter Gave CIA Flack a Sneak Peak at Maureen Dowd’s Column -- Gawker
Mark Mazzetti: 'I Made A Mistake' Passing Maureen Dowd Column To CIA -- Huffington Post
What Mark Mazzetti's Maureen Dowd CIA tipoff means for the New York Times -- Doug Gillmor, The Guardian

My Comment: It makes you wonder what else has been shared (or leaked) over the years between these two organizations.

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