Friday, August 31, 2012

World News Briefs -- August 31, 2012

UN Crisis Meeting On Syria: No Safe Havens, No Agreement To Act -- Christian Science Monitor

A Turkish appeal for the establishment of safe zones in Syria got little support in a divided Security Council. France and Britain touted an international effort to raise humanitarian-aid funds.

A deeply divided UN Security Council went through the motions of a meeting on Syria Thursday, but the inability to address even the deteriorating humanitarian crisis suggests the international community remains far away from any role in ending Syria’s intensifying civil war.

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Syrian rebels attack Aleppo security compounds.

U.N. all talk on Syria aid as West mulls military action.

Syrian diplomacy 'on verge of collapse'.

Syria humanitarian position worsens, tens of thousands flee: ICRC.

Iran boosts enriched uranium production, says UN's IAEA. U.N.: Iran speeding up uranium enrichment at underground plant.

Israeli attack on Iran 'would not stop nuclear programme'.


7.6 quake hits off Philippines. Quake of 7.9 magnitude strikes off Philippines: USGS.

Insurgents launch rare multiple attacks in Thai south.

Exclusive: China's Hu seeks clean power handover with ally's promotion - sources.

Clinton begins Asia tour amid Chinese protests.

Indian Hindu nationalist lawmaker gets 28 years for 2002 massacre.

Christian girl accused of burning Koran remanded in prison.


Dakar rights activists rally against Gambian executions.

ICC team in Mali to investigate potential war crimes.

South Africa shocked by move to charge miners with massacre.

Angola poll opens amid fraud claims.

Nigeria introduces new currencies.


Insight: Brutality, anger fuel Jihad in Russia's Caucasus.

Thousands evacuated as wildfire threatens Spanish coast.

Struggling Romanians yearn for communism.

Russian killer wrote name of convicted punk rock band on wall to mislead police.

Julian Assange: I'm going to be in the Ecuadorean embassy for a year.

Lufthansa cancels flights as cabin crews strike.


Romney makes appeal to voters disappointed in Obama: ‘The time has come to turn the page’.

Isaac leaves lots of water and power outages in its wake.

Analysts: Financial impacts after Venezuela blast.

Venezuela to investigate report that Brazilian miners massacred Indian village. Amazonian community wiped out by illegal goldminers.

Amazon forest threat is greater outside Brazil.

Mexico court rejects Lopez Obrador election appeal.


U.S. drone strike kills 8 suspected militants: Yemeni officials.

'Mastermind' behind Sri Lanka cricket team attack arrested.

US adds 8 Lashkar-e-Taiba members to terrorism list.

Apple again rejects app that tracks US drone attacks.


Abramovich wins biggest private court case in history.

Coca-Cola 'cracks' North Korea.

iPhone 5 release date rumours mount.

'Drink less, work more', billionaire tells non-rich.

World Bank: Droughts pushing food prices sharply higher.

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