Saturday, September 1, 2012

After The NAMSummit, Is Iran Still Isolated?

NAM Summit: Iran Attempts To Prove Western Efforts To Isolate It Have Failed -- Scott Peterson, Christian Science Monitor

Though Iran pulled out all the stops this week as host of the Non-Aligned Movement summit, it was met with some heavy international criticism.

The news anchor on Iran's state-run PressTV did not mince his words: The summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) wrapping up today in Tehran was the "most important" political event in the 33-year history of the Islamic Republic.

Iran certainly mounted an extravagant show for the high-ranking delegations from 120 nations as it sought to demonstrate it was engaged with the world, not isolated from it.

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Update: Iranian Hopes Dashed at Non-Aligned Summit -- Voice of America

My Comment: The Iranians did not expect any criticism .... and they did not receive the public support that they had expected from fellow members. In this regards .... for Iran the NAM was a bust.

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