Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chinese Cyber Attacks Are Now Targeting Industrial Control Systems

Calgary-based Telvent, headquartered on Southport Road S.W., warned customers about the attack, which hit operations in the United States, Canada and Spain, the cyber security news site reported on Wednesday. Photograph by: Screen grab, Google Street View

China Cyberspies Suspected In New Caper: What Has Experts Worried -- Christian Science Monitor

A China-based cyberespionage gang is suspected in the hacking of a major industrial control system firm in Canada. Experts warn the theft could facilitate creation of a cyberweapon.

A China-based cyberespionage gang has been linked to the infiltration of networks belonging to Telvent Canada, a major industrial control system company, in a case that some experts warn could facilitate creation of a dangerous cyberweapon.

The cyberspies, thought to be from a gang that security researchers call the "Comment Group" or sometimes the "Shanghai group," slipped past a corporate firewall, installing malicious software on the network – then snatched project files related to one of Telvent's major software products, according to KrebsOnSecurity, a cybersecurity blog that first reported the breach Wednesday.

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Update #1: Report points finger at China as Calgary-based oilpatch software firm recovers from hacker attack -- Calgary Herald/Reuters
Update #2: National power-grid tech blueprints 'stolen by Chinese hackers' -- The Register

My Comment: Incidents like this one makes you wonder if this scenario can become reality one day.

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