Saturday, September 22, 2012

How Saudi Arabia Is Turning Syria's Rebels Into An Effective Army

The Free Syria Army recruits are being trained at 'Unit 309 training camp' Photo: Alessio Romenzi

Saudi Millions And Special Forces Expertise Turn Syria's Rebels Into A Fighting Force -- The Telegraph

Syria's ragtag rebel army is being turned into a disciplined military force, with the help of tens of millions of dollars of funding from the Middle East and under the watchful gaze of foreign former special forces.

Hidden under olive groves in the rolling countryside of Syria’s northern Idlib province, of which a vast swathe is now in opposition hands, more than a dozen training camps have been set up in which young men prepare for the fight against President Bashar al-Assad’s military.

In one camp seen by The Daily Telegraph this week, recruits were put through their paces on an arduous obstacle course. Timed to the shouts of Commander Abdel Kadr, a military officer who has defected, the men vaulted walls, scrambled under razor wire mesh and swung along ropes in the tree tops.

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My Comment: This assistance must be having an impact .... here is another sign that the Syrian Rebel Amy is getting better organized.

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