Sunday, September 30, 2012

Meeting The Syrian Army's Snipers As They Fight The Rebels

Syria Despatch: Meeting Assad's Snipers As They Fight Rebels In Homs -- The Telegraph

In an exclusive report, Bill Neely gains rare access to the Syrian government fighters waging war in the frontline city of Homs.

He sat in near darkness and total silence: a young man, with a hard face and a reputation to live up to.

In a city paralysed by fear, he is among the most feared. He is a Syrian army sniper and I'd come to meet him.

The soldier who'd taken me up the staircase and into the gloom of the house on the front line in Homs wouldn't give the sniper's name for fear that his family would be targeted and killed by rebels bent on revenge.

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My Comment: Their names may not be known, but these videos have captured their faces. One day there will be justice, and hell will probably visit these snipers.

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