Sunday, September 30, 2012

Unrest Growing In Jordan

Jordanian protesters calling themselves the Youth of March 24 Movement demonstrate for political reform and clash against government supporters in Amman. (March, 2011. Muhammad Hamed / Reuters)

Disquiet On The Jordanian Front -- Carnegie Endowment

September has witnessed a massive—and potentially irreversible—shift in strategy among segments of Jordan’s opposition movement: a number of political activists are now openly and repeatedly calling for a limitation of the monarchy's powers—with a small (though extremely vocal) minority even explicitly calling for the abdication of King Abdullah II. In a strikingly blunt statement by the organizers of the 8 September protest in East Amman's Haya al-Tafileh neighborhood—who gathered in response to arrest of a number of fellow activists a day prior and later reorganized on September 11 and 13 at Amman’s Interior Ministry Circle and Second Circle—accusations struck at the king's carefully curated international image as a modern, democracy-building reformer. Their Facebook statement reads, in part: "You are disguised in the costume of freedom and democracy, while hiding inside of you is absolute fascism and control over the destiny of this country and the livelihood of its people. We can no longer be patient with this repression of our arrested sons, with no guilt other than demanding freedom and social justice for all Jordanians, and fighting corruption that is royally sponsored." [Full Arabic original and English translation available here]

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My Comment:
With a full blown civil war in it's neighbor Syria .... the Arab Spring will probably be taking a back seat in Jordan. But the civil war in Syria will end one day, and Jordan (along with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf sheikdoms) are probably next for the Arab Spring to 'visit'..

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