Saturday, September 29, 2012

What It Will Take To Neutralize Syria's WMDs

Clearing Syrian WMDs Means 75K Troops And Massive Air Strikes -- USNI

In July, Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid Mullalem declared that Syria’s stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons would go unused in its civil war – unless a foreign power chose to intervene . The threat constituted a rare confirmation of the regime’s unconventional arsenal . The declaration raised serious concerns about U.S. policies in the event the regime did use its chemical or biological weapons. President Obama stated this would constitute a “red line” with “enormous consequences” that would alter calculations for military actions.

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My Comment: There is zero political will in the West to send ground troops coupled with air support against Syria. But if such a military action does get sanctioned, it will be because Syria has decided to use WMDs against us or an ally .... a prospect that I doubt will happen. As to the figure of  75,000 soldiers needed to neutralize Syria's WMDs .... that number is pathetically small.

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