Saturday, October 27, 2012

CIA Denies Reports That They Are Responsible For Calling Off Backup During The Benghazi Attack

CIA Denies Calling Off Backup in Benghazi -- The Atlantic

Update (5:31 p.m.): In response to a Fox News story claiming CIA operatives in Benghazi were prevented from aiding U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens during his time of need, the CIA says it never instructed any of its personnel from helping the four Americans who died on Sept. 11. In an e-mailed statement, CIA spokeswoman Jennifer Youngblood says "no one at any level in the CIA" told operatives at a local CIA annex in Benghazi not to help Amb. Stevens:

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My Comment: The CIA statement that has been issued is very careful .... they are essentially denying all reports that the CIA did not call off the backup and support that was requested during the Benghazi attack. But someone did .... so the question that needs to be answered is .... who did? Some opponents of the administration are now pointing fingers in this direction.

What's my take .... the current election has hyper-politicized this issue. We are (unfortunately) not going to know the true details until long after the election .... and even then. But someone(s) is leaking tons of info and intel on what had happened that night that has in turn become very damaging to the administration .... and the administrations response to these claims have been terrible. If I was in the White House .... as I have been saying for the past month .... they should have come out on this story a week or two after the attack. By then they had all of their info .... and could have killed the story right there. But .... for reasons that are completely unknown to me .... they choose not to.

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