Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mitt Romney‘s National Security Transition Team Is Now In Place

During the debate, Mitt Romney kept his focus on jobs. Reuters

Romney National Security Transition Team Takes Shape -- Josh Rogin, the Cable/Foreign Policy

The top echelon of Mitt Romney‘s national security transition team is largely in place and it includes both hawkish and centrist GOP foreign-policy professionals, The Cable has learned.

The news comes as debate continues inside the Romney campaign over how much to focus on foreign vs. domestic policy in the home stretch. Politico reported last week that chief strategist Stuart Stevens was leading the camp pushing for a more singular focus on the economy.

But with the final presidential debate set to focus on foreign policy and events in the Middle East continuing to raise questions about President Barack Obama's leadership, those advocating for more foreign policy campaigning have won a victory: Romney will give what the campaign is billing as a major speech on foreign policy at the Virginia Military Institute on Monday, Oct. 8.

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My Comment: There is not much information to go on right now .... Mitt Romney is focusing on domestic issues while minimizing national security and foreign policy issues. I think this is a mistake .... but .... there is still one more month before the Presidential election.

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