Friday, November 30, 2012

Afghanistan War News Updates -- November 30, 2012

Members of Provincial Reconstruction Team Ghazni and Afghan national police walk up a hill after their vehicles became stuck in the mud in the Nawur District, Ghazni Province, Afghanistan, Nov. 18, 2012. Members of the team visited the Nawur District to perform quality assurance quality control on a collapsed building and two comprehenisve health clinics. U.S. Air Force photo by Tech Sgt. Rebecca F. Corey

US Senate Votes For Faster Afghan Withdrawal -- Al Jazeera

Overwhelming majority of Senate in favour of accelerated withdrawal, while Pentagon stresses need for post-2014 mission.

The United States Senate has voted overwhelmingly for an accelerated withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan after more than a decade of fighting, reflecting the wishes of a war-weary nation.

Thursday's bipartisan vote of 62-33 sends a clear message to President Barack Obama and the military as they engage in high-stakes talks about the pace of drawing down the 66,000 US troops there.

While the senators talk about the withdrawal, Defence Secretary Leon Panetta said the US needs to keep troops in Afghanistan beyond 2014 because al-Qaeda is still present in the country.

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More News On Afghanistan

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Nicholas Darkwater said...

Panetta says that we'll target al Qaeda in Afghanistan after 2014? Before the election we were told that al Qaeda was finished. Funny things, those elections.

War News Updates Editor said...

Yup .... those elections are funny. :(