Friday, November 30, 2012

Another North Korean Military Chief Is Fired

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has replaced his defence chief Kim Jong-Gak (AFP/File, North Korean TV)

South Korea Suspects North Korea Dumped Another Military Chief -- Wall Street Journal

In what may be the second major shake-up at the top of North Korea’s military this year, dictator Kim Jong Eun is believed by South Korean officials to have replaced another defense chief.

Reports circulated in Seoul on Thursday that Vice Marshal Kim Jong Gak, who just in February was promoted to that highest-level post below the dictator himself, is now out. A spokeswoman at the South Korea presidential office said the report was “highly possible though not confirmed.”

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Update: N. Korea's defence chief replaced by hawk: report -- AFP

My Comment:
After only 9 months on the job .... North Korea's military chief is replaced by another. This was either a falling out, or only a temporary/caretaker appointment before someone else was chosen.

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