Friday, November 30, 2012

Civil War In Syria -- News Updates November 30, 2012

Is Syria's Assad Running Short Of Helicopters And Cash? -- Christian Science Monitor

ProPublica reports that Syria asked Iraq to allow helicopter shipment overflights from Russia, just days after other documents revealed Russia sent Syrian currency to Damascus.

According to a new report, Syria sought permission from Iraq last month to ship attack helicopters being refurbished by Russia through Iraqi airspace. But while it is unclear whether the shipments ever occurred – unlike eight shipments of Syrian currency sent from Russia that was revealed earlier this week – the reports, taken together, indicate an increasing level of desperation on the part of President Bashar al-Assad's regime.

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More News On Syria's Civil War

Syria Live Blog -- Al Jazeera
Syria conflict: internet blackout continues - Friday 30 November 2012 -- The Guardian

Syrian fighting rages as rebels push for Damascus breakthough
-- The Guardian
Fighting rages near Damascus airport; Syrian Web and phone blackouts continue
-- Washington Post
Opposition: Fierce fighting closes Damascus airport for second day -- CNN
Fighting continues near Damascus airport -- Al Jazeera
Flights to Damascus airport disrupted for second day -- BBC
Syrian security forces cut internet, phone and kill 17 Lebanese fighting with Syrian rebels -- FOX News/AP
Syria jets bombard rebel targets on airport road -- Reuters
20 Lebanese killed in Syria ambush -- Daily Star
Militant leader in Syria seeks Islamic state, says his men do not fear death -- Washington Post/AP

At General Assembly, Ban and UN-Arab League envoy call for greater efforts to resolve crisis in Syria -- UN News Centre
UN Envoy Warns of Worsening Syria Situation -- Voice of America
Envoy warns that Syria will become a failed state unless there is a political solution to war -- Washington Post/AP
U.N. chief "horrified" by Syrian violence -- Reuters
UN Envoy Warns Syria Could Become 'Failed State' -- Voice of America

Syria Fighting Rages On, Nations Discuss More Sanctions -- Voice of America
Friends of Syria want tighter sanctions -- UPI

U.S. Moves Toward Recognizing Syria’s Opposition -- New York Times
Russia warns US on Syria
-- Examiner
Russia supplies weapons to Syria -- Examiner
U.S. communications equipment to Syria opposition ‘spy-proof’ -- Washington Times

UN Finds Dire Humanitarian Needs in Homs, Syria -- Voice of America
Syrian refugees shot at while fleeing to Jordan: UNHCR -- Reuters
Syrian Refugees Attacked by ‘Armed Groups,’ U.N. Says -- New York Times
250,000 displaced in Syrian city of Homs: UN -- Business Recorder

War rips apart families, neighbors in Syria as political, sectarian loyalties take over -- Washington Post/AP
Is the Collapse of the Syrian Regime Imminent? -- Nehad Ismail, Huffington Post
Can the Syrian Rebels Unite? -- Mike Giglio, Daily Beast
Are Syria’s rebels on the verge of victory? -- Hugh Macleod, Salon

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