Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Wants Nato To Deploy Patriot Missile Batteries On The Syrian Border

Patriot missile being launched.

Turkey Asks NATO For Missile Defence Against Syria -- Reuters

* Turkey asks for Patriot missiles
* Seeks to defend border area from Syrian mortars
* NATO to consider request "without delay"

BRUSSELS/ANKARA, Nov 21 (Reuters) - NATO ambassadors met on Wednesday to consider a Turkish request for the deployment of Patriot missiles near its border with Syria as the conflict in its southern neighbour deepens.

The move highlights Ankara's fears that the situation on its border could deteriorate rapidly and echoes its calls for military support during the two Gulf Wars, when NATO deployed surface-to-air missiles on its soil in 1991 and 2003.

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Russia opposes NATO missile deployment on Turkey-Syria border -- Reuters

My Comment: This is the first direct involvement of NATO .... albeit on the sidelines .... in the Syrian civil war. Russian concerns and objections stem over their belief that NATO will ultimately intervene in the Syrian civil war, and these Patriot deployments are just the start of such an action.

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