Friday, December 21, 2012

10 Fascinating Details In 'Zero Dark Thirty' And the Hunt For Osama Bin laden

10 Fascinating Details In 'Zero Dark Thirty' -- Business Insider

We checked out 'Zero Dark Thirty' yesterday hoping to learn more about the 11-year hunt for Osama bin Laden (OBL). (Read our review here.)

The filmmakers had considerable access to people with knowledge of the manhunt, and their goal was to "be as accurate as we possibly could" without having been there.

Unfortunately, it's hard to say what in the movie is fact and what is made up. Most of it seems accurate, and nothing is clearly false — but some parts presumably involve poetic license.

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My Comment:
I will be seeing the movie when it is released (January 11, 2013) .... will only give you my feedback then.


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