Sunday, December 30, 2012

Egypt To Pursue Ties With Hezbollah

Thousands of people carry flags as they gather for burial of slain intelligence officer Hassan in downtown Beirut (Reuters / Stringer)

Egypt To Strengthen Ties With Hezbollah -- RT

Egypt will develop its ties with Hezbollah, recognizing it as a “real political and military force,” said an Egyptian official to Lebanese press. The announcement signals a U-turn in policy where Egypt had accused the group of operating terror cells.

In an interview with Lebanese publication the Daily Star, Egyptian ambassador to Lebanon Ashraf Hamdy said that his country’s newly-elected Islamist government would build “tight” relations with Hezbollah.

He stated that the ruling Muslim Brotherhood was “stretching out its hand” to its neighbors with a view to developing its foreign policy and furthering interests.

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Update #1:
New Egypt warms up to Hezbollah: ambassador -- Daily Star
Update #2: Egypt to pursue relationship with Hezbollah -- Jerusalem Post

My Comment: So Egypt has made it official .... they are aligning themselves with an organization that has been labelled as a terrorist group by the U.S.. This is a major policy shift, and will have an impact on the region and on Israeli - Egyptian ties. No comment from the White House, and even less coverage from the U.S. main stream media on this breaking story.

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