Monday, December 31, 2012

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- December 31, 2012

Photo: Russia has chosen to revive the RS-36 system with new and advanced technology.

Russia Designs New Types Of Intercontinental Missiles -- Space Daily/Voice of Russia

Russia and China are working to modernize their strategic defence capabilities. However, they have chosen different approaches to replacing their key heavy missiles, notes Vasily Kashin, an expert at the Centre for Strategy and Technology Analysis, who compares the latest steps taken by the two countries to increase their missile defence potential.

Sergey Karakaev, commander of Russia's Strategic Missile Forces, announced that Russia is currently designing a minimum of two new types of intercontinental ballistic missile. According to mass media sources, one of the two projects is a giant liquid fuelled rocket called Sarmat, which is to replace the Soviet RS-36M "Voyevoda" system, better known by its Western name "Satan".

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U.S. officials: Syria using more accurate, Iranian-made missiles -- CNN

The Dark Side of the Free Syrian Army -- Daniel Wagner, Huffington Post

Iran test-fires missiles near Strait of Hormuz -- Stars and Stripes/AP

Iran Practicing Cyber Warfare As Its Navy Drills In The Strait Of Hormuz -- Business Insider/AFP

Israel’s Supreme Court reduces military whistleblower’s sentence -- Washington Post/AP

China adds destroyers to marine surveillance: Report -- Economic Times

Taiwan Plans to Upgrade About 60 Fighter Jets in 2013 -- Defense News/AFP

India Receives Second Russia-Built Stealth Missile Frigate
-- RIA Novosti

Russia Delivers Four MiG-29K Fighters to India in Dec.
-- RIA Novosti

Kremlin: August 1 to be Russia’s WWI Remembrance Day -- RIA Novosti

Russia's Ex-Deputy Defense Minister Kobets Dies -- RIA Novosti

Ukraine To End Compulsory Military Service in 2013 -- Radio Free Europe

UN peacekeepers exit East Timor
-- Al Jazeera

Textron and Boeing Win $1.4 Billion in V-22 Work -- Daily Finance/Motley Fool

Training expansion on hold for B-1, B-52 bombers -- Stars and Stripes/AP

AF told to study rate of UAV pilots’ promotions -- Air Force Times

Navy issues hurry-up order to equip MQ-8 Fire Scout unmanned helicopter with maritime surveillance radar -- Avionics

Pentagon Looks to Fix ‘Pervasive Vulnerability’ in Drones -- Danger Room

Launchers turned in to LAPD were from military
-- Air Force Times/AP

DOD personnel--the numbers
-- Eric Palmer Blog

How Badly Will Budget Cuts Hurt Troops? -- and Stripes

Army gets geographical command, at last
-- Washington Times

Declassified CIA documents shed light on secret Navy mission in Cold War -- Stars and Stripes/The Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Military Must Prep Now for ‘Mutant’ Future, Researchers Warn
-- Danger Room

Soaring cost of military drugs could hurt budget --

The Military’s Dirty Secret
-- New York Times editorial

Interview: Gen. Edward Rice -- Defense News

2012 in Review -- Information Dissemination

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