Sunday, December 30, 2012

There Is Always Someone Out There That Is Bigger, Stronger, And Meaner Than You

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Chomp: The Kiwi fisherman took the spectacular photo, pictured, on December 28, and posted it on Reddit

Where'd My Catch Go? Spectacular Photo Captures Moment Great White Is Gobbled By An EVEN BIGGER Shark As It's Hauled Into Fisherman's Boat -- Daily Mail

Being hooked by a fisherman is probably up there with the worst things that could happen to a shark. But what about becoming bait for an even bigger beast as you're being hauled into the boat?

This was the fate of a poor great white in New Zealand this week.

And a spectacular photograph of the encounter, which shows Charles Darwin's survival of the fittest - or perhaps biggest - theory in action, has taken the web by storm after it was posted on Reddit.

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My Comment: I know that this is not a war/defense/military related post .... but it is a cool pic. The moral of the story .... there is always someone out there that is bigger, stronger, and meaner. Hmmmm .... come to think of it .... I just described how some combat scenarios.

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