Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Commentaries And Analysis On The Mali War

Mali's Rebels Hold The Advantage In A Ground War On Desert Plains -- The Guardian

Islamist Tuareg fighters are masters of the hit-and-run guerilla tactics that suit conditions in the Sahara

Fortunately for the French, there's been no sign of the surface-to-air missiles that the Salafist mujahideen in northern Mali are reported to have stolen from Libya. But taking control of the skies is one thing, winning a ground war and restoring peace is an altogether different prospect.

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Commentaries And Analysis On The Mali Conflict

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-- Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Globe and Mail
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A Widening War in Mali -- New York Times editorial
Those Unilateral French: A welcome intervention in Mali, while the U.N. keeps talking. -- Wall Street Journal editorial
Mali isn't just France's or Africa's problem. It's ours too. -- Paul Whitefield, L.A. Times
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How bad are the bad guys in Mali? The answer, in four powerful paragraphs -- Max Fisher, Washington Post
Mali: a guide to the conflict -- Mark Tran, The Guardian

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