Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ex-C.I.A. Officer First To Face Prison For A Leak

Ex-Officer Is First In C.I.A. To Face Prison For A Leak -- New York Times

WASHINGTON — Looking back, John C. Kiriakou admits he should have known better. But when the F.B.I. called him a year ago and invited him to stop by and “help us with a case,” he did not hesitate.

In his years as a C.I.A. operative, after all, Mr. Kiriakou had worked closely with F.B.I. agents overseas. Just months earlier, he had reported to the bureau a recruiting attempt by someone he believed to be an Asian spy.

“Anything for the F.B.I.,” Mr. Kiriakou replied.

Only an hour into what began as a relaxed chat with the two agents — the younger one who traded Pittsburgh Steelers talk with him and the senior investigator with the droopy eye — did he begin to realize just who was the target of their investigation.

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My Comment: Ex-CIA officer John C. Kiriakou is right .... he should have known better .... but ignorance of the law is no excuse. Even if you are the best officer in the agency .... if you break the law there are going to be consequences. John C. Kiriakou knew that he was breaking the law .... hence the punishment. But 30 months in jail .... he will disagree but from my perspective his punishment could have been much worse.

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