Monday, January 14, 2013

Somali Witnesses To the Failed French Rescue Mission Describe A Night Of Mayhem And Confusion

France Defends Failed Somali Raid -- The Australian

SOMALI witnesses said at least eight civilians were killed in a disastrous French operation to rescue a secret agent, but France's defence minister defended the decision to launch the raid.

Sources in lawless Somalia suggested the reason Saturday's raid had failed was that the al-Qaeda-linked Shebab group holding the hostage had received advance warning.

The United States meanwhile, confirmed that it had played a limited support role in the French mission.

"Four civilians, including three from one family, are among the dead," resident Adan Derow said by telephone on Sunday. "They were all killed outside Bulomarer, where the French commandos landed before entering the city."

The victims were a couple, their son and another man, other residents said.

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My Comment: Even though this rescue attempt was done 2 days ago, the french government has still not given a full report on what happened. This tells me that there is information and intel that they wish to still keep secret .... or .... this raid was so botched up that they are still trying to put the pieces together. I guess the truth will only come out in the next few days.

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