Thursday, February 28, 2013

Civil War in Syria -- News Updates February 28, 2013

US To Send Rations, Medical Supplies To Syrian Rebels But Not Weapons -- NBC News

ROME — In a policy shift, the United States on Thursday announced plans to send military rations and medical supplies directly to Syrian opposition fighters, but fell short of providing weapons and ammunition that the rebels had been asking for.

"The simple fact is (Syrian President Bashar) Assad cannot shoot his way out of this," Secretary of State John Kerry said after his first meeting with Syrian opposition leaders in Rome. "For more than a year the U.S. and our partners who have gathered here in Rome have called on Assad to heed the voice of the Syrian people and halt his war machine. Instead what we have seen is his brutality increase."

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More News On Syria

Syria Live Blog -- Al Jazeera
US pledges help to Syrian oppostion - Thursday 28 February 2013 -- The Guardian

Violence continues in Syria as int'l meeting on crisis convenes -- Xinhuanet
Assad forces killed 246 more people in two days
-- Turkish Weekly
Syria rebels seize iconic Aleppo mosque -- Gulf News/AFP
Syria rebels seize historic Aleppo mosque: NGO -- Channel News Asia
Syrian rebels battle government troops around 12th century mosque in Aleppo’s walled old city -- Washington Post/AP
US hopes ammo will shift Syria equation -- The Australian/The Times
Insight: Syria rebels bolstered by new arms but divisions remain -- Reuters

West to send Syrian rebels aid, not arms
-- Reuters
U.S. announces expanded battlefield aid to Syrian rebels, but not arms -- Washington Post
U.S. Steps Up Aid to Syrian Opposition, Pledging $60 Million -- New York Times
Western powers set to increase aid for Syrian rebels -- CNN
Kerry Says U.S. Will Give Aid, Funds to Syrian Fighters -- Bloomberg Businessweek
US will send nonlethal aid directly to Syrian rebels -- Christian Science Monitor
Rome summit pledges help to Syrian opposition -- Al Jazeera
£1bn pledged in aid to Syria fails to materialise -- The Guardian

The end may not be nigh but preparations have started for a post-Assad Syria -- Al Bawaba
Rebel factions work against each other in Syria's civil war -
- The National
Iraq PM warns of Syria crisis spillover -- Al Jazeera
Lebanon’s Shia leaders are not sure what to do about Syria -- The Economist
Syria prolongs passports, meeting opposition talk demand -- Reuters
Syria retains senior post at U.N. committee responsible for ‘decolonizing’ American Samoa -- Washington Post
Syria Demands UN Stop Israel from Seeking Oil -- Arutz Sheva

Croatia to quit UN Golan force after reports of arms shipments -- Reuters
Croatia Withdrawing Soldiers from U.N. Force on Israel-Syria Frontier -- New York Times
Croatia to pull troops from Golan Heights -- Global Post/AFP

Syria refugees threaten Lebanon's stability: interior minister -- Reuters
Jordan Struggles to Help Syrian Refugees
-- Voice of America
Syrians fleeing war likely to pass million soon: U.N. -- Reuters
U.N. Warns of Dire Rise in Refugees From Syria -- New York Times
Syria humanitarian crisis worsening day by day, warns Oxfam -- The Guardian
Syrian Humanitarian Crisis Stretching UN's Response Capacity
-- Voice of America
Syrian refugee crisis beyond description -- UPI
Exponential growth of Syrian refugees and their needs -- Alertnet
Tragedy unfolds in opposition-held northern Syria: U.N. relief chief -- Al Arabiya

INSIGHT: Syrian Rebels Grow Weapons Cache, Evidence Shows -- Pratibha Thaker, Middle East Voices
Reporter's Notebook: The Agony Of Syria's Civil War (Audio) -- NPR
Syrian war is everybody's problem -- Frida Ghitis, Special to CNN
Another Problem in Syria: How Do Kurds Fit In? -- Jonathan Krohn, The Atlantic
Turkey, the Unhelpful Ally -- Halil M. Karaveli, New York Times
The Saudis Are In This Fight To Win -- Strategy Page
Washington’s last chance to help Syria -- Washington Post editorial
The Folly of Arming Syria's Rebels -- Robert Dreyfuss, The Nation
Key military players in Syria's civil war -- AP
A look at Syria’s civil war deaths, refugees, the fight on the ground -- Washington Post/AP

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