Monday, February 25, 2013

Libya Struggles To Build A Military

Libyan National Congress President Mohammed Magarief (second r.) shakes hands with officers of the Libyan National Army during a graduation ceremony for students of military academies in Tripoli February 20. Ismail Zitouny/Reuters

A Land Of Militias, Libya Struggles To Build A Military -- Christian Science Monitor

The Libyan government wants a professional standing army, but the many militias still on the streets are too good at their job to be replaced with a fledgling, inexperienced military.

In the seventeen months since Muammar Qaddafi was killed, Libya has made building an army a top national priority. But progress toward achieving this goal has been slow at best, with an official admitting that he does not even know how many soldiers are currently in the army.

Public statements by senior Libyan leaders suggest that there is little disagreement over the notion that the country desperately needs a functioning military to ensure a peaceful transition – and a clean break from the Qaddafi legacy of a weak army dwarfed by powerful brigades loyal to the autocrat’s sons. However, political will alone hasn't been enough to effect serious reforms.

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My Comment: This is what I call an uphill battle. But the central Libyan government does have one big advantage, they control the bulk (if not all) of Libya's oil resources. In short .... they do have the money. With time they will be able to leverage this power into building a viable and effective military .... but it will take time.

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