Monday, February 11, 2013

Threat Of Guerrilla War In Mali

Rebels' Raid Poses Mali Guerrilla War Threat For French -- Reuters

(Reuters) - Malian troops hunted house-to-house in Gao on Monday for Islamist insurgents whose surprise attack inside the northern town at the weekend posed a risk of France's forces becoming entangled in a messy guerrilla war in Mali.

Sneaking across the Niger River under cover of darkness, the al Qaeda-allied rebels fought Malian and French troops on Sunday in the sandy streets of the ancient Saharan trading town, retaken from the Islamists two weeks ago.

Malian Defense Minister Yamoussa Camara said three of the Islamist raiders were killed and 11 taken prisoner, while some Malian soldiers were wounded in the street fighting.

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Update: Mali conflict: French-led forces retake Gao after surprise attack by rebels -- The Guardian

My Comment: This type of warfare has been endemic in this part of the world for years. The French know that any long term presence by their troops will only exacerbate this conflict .... which explains why they want to get out after this first initial phase of the war has ended.

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