Saturday, February 16, 2013

With Sequestration Fast Approaching Everyone In Washington Goes On Vacation

Senate Democrats unveiled a bill to replace the sequester in part with new taxes on millionaires, which Republicans oppose. Pete Souza/Official White House Photo

Automatic Cuts Are Getting A Big Yawn From Washington -- Washington Post

As deadlines go, the March 1 sequester lacks punch. Nobody’s taxes will go up; the U.S. Treasury won’t run out of cash. Government offices won’t immediately turn out the lights and lock the doors. No federal worker will be furloughed for at least 30 days.

So Washington felt little need to cancel the Presidents’ Day break. On Friday, President Obama flew to Florida for a long weekend of golf. And Congress left town for nine days, with scant hope of averting deep cuts to the Pentagon and other agencies in the short time remaining when lawmakers return.

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My Comment: Regular readers of this blog know that I have nothing but contempt for both the Republican and Democrat parties in Washington .... and I am not even an American. You would think that piling trillions of dollars of debt, debasing the currency to fund entitlement programs that are not sustainable, getting involved in stupid wars, widespread corruption, lies, and more lies would think that people would rebel .... or at least vote these bums out .... but alas no. You would think that at least the media would do what the media is suppose to do .... bring truth to power .... but alas no again. In fact in the eyes of the main stream media the new boogey man in Washington is this guy who has no power .... not the politicians who have all the power and who are slowly destroying what was once a great country.

Sighhhhh .....

I know that I should not get upset .... but I am repeating history. My nationality is Russian and in the mid 1980s I voiced the same thing over there (Soviet Union). That the political rot and the fiscal mismanagement would wreck the country unless radical change was adopted. No one believed me and for my reward I was sent off to China to drum up business with their state firms. Talk about being exiled. But everything has worked out and I should not complain. (I am a Canadian citizen now).

I survived. Russia has survived .... and so will the U.S..

Sequestration will happen. There will be budget chaos. President Obama will rush in with a plan. It will be adopted. And the bread and circus show will continue for another day.

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