Thursday, February 28, 2013

World News Briefs -- February 28, 2013

Syria Conflict: John Kerry Extends US Aid To Rebels -- BBC

The US is to step up its support for the Syrian opposition as it fights to topple President Bashar al-Assad, Secretary of State John Kerry says.

Mr Kerry said the US would provide direct support to rebel forces in the form of medical and food supplies.

He also promised an additional $60m (£40m) in aid to the opposition to help it deliver basic governance and other services in rebel-controlled areas.

Mr Kerry was speaking at a gathering of the Friends of Syria group in Rome.

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Fortress Damascus now center of Syrian war.

Rome summit pledges help to Syrian opposition. U.S. will give Syrian rebels medical, food aid, not arms. U.S. pledges $60 million to Syrian opposition.

Jordan sees new surge in Syrians fleeing civil war.

Syria humanitarian crisis worsening day by day, warns Oxfam.

Iraq PM warns of Syria crisis spillover.

2 Palestinians in Israeli jail end hunger strike.


Thai leaders and Muslim rebels to talk peace.

Bangladesh Jamaat leader sentenced to death. Bangladesh on the boil, 23 killed in fresh violence.

As Dennis Rodman visits, North Korea pledges ‘bitter hatred for the U.S.’.

Tweets, pics give real-time peek into North Korea.

Japan FM outlines North Korean strategy in VOA interview.

Japanese minister says he sees no end to whaling.

Japan PM Abe cites Thatcher reflections on Falklands war.

Australia makes largest meth seizure.


Security Council asks for report on possible Mali peacekeepers.

Transition in Mali dominates ECOWAS meeting.

Fresh violence threatens DR Congo peace deal. In Congo, 8 killed in clash between rival M23 factions.

Kenya election: Musicians sing for peace.

South Africa economy sapped by lower exports to Europe.

South Africa shock as 'police dragging' video man dies.


Low-key departure as pope steps down.

Slovenian parliament ousts PM over corruption. Slovenia mandates new PM to halt dramatic decline.

French President on first Russia visit.

Hollande least popular French president in 30 years: poll.

Italian president says forming new government cannot be rushed.

Silvio Berlusconi under investigation for alleged bribery in Naples.

Panic in Greek pharmacies as hundreds of medicines run short.


U.S. economy grew 0.1% in fourth quarter. Economy expands at weakest pace since 2011.

White House: Release of illegal immigrants not our call. Release of about 300 illegal immigrants from federal custody in Arizona stirs up debate.

Rumours swirl as Chavez stays out of sight.

As Castro era drifts to close, a new face steps in at No. 2.

Mexico plays hardball in jailing of union boss.

Haiti launches 10-year plan to eradicate cholera yet UN funds fall short.

Argentina passes deal with Iran to probe Amia bombing.


American Shabaab fighter urges Muslims to join the 'fronts' of jihad.

Al-Qaeda members detained in Istanbul, planned to attack synagogues and churches: report.

Al Qaeda is weak and bungling—but still dangerous (commentary).


EU clinches deal to cap bankers' bonuses.

Bankia turns in record loss of 19.2bn euros for 2012.

Shell abandons Arctic drilling in 2013.

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