Friday, March 29, 2013

Afghan Shadow Warrior Still Wishes To Fight Taliban

Saidaa, 27, joined a secret CIA-run counter-terrorism team in eastern Afghanistan's Kunar province in 2007. (Shashank Bengali / Los Angeles Times)

After Loss, Afghan Shadow Warrior Still Wishes To Fight Taliban -- L.A. Times

The CIA-trained tracker gave militants' GPS coordinates to Americans. Even though his sister was killed in a drone strike, he'd like to work for the U.S. again.

KAMA, Afghanistan — For more than two years, he was part of a secret, CIA-trained advance team for America's shadow war in Afghanistan, helping to collect intelligence that led to the killing or capture of Taliban suspects.

Then, last September, having quit the team because of Taliban threats, the young stonemason and his family tragically found themselves on the wrong end of that intelligence. Shrapnel from a U.S. drone strike on two insurgent leaders struck and killed his younger sister on their small farm in eastern Afghanistan.

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My Comment: Because of his work, this former Afghan soldier is probably high on any Taliban kill list .... even after he quit the forces. Since hiding on his farm did not protect his family .... it is not hard to understand why he may want to get back into the fight. On top of that .... I guess he also needs the money.

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