Saturday, March 30, 2013

Women Marines Face A Tough Struggle With Infantry Course

A course to train for Marine Corps ground combat units that began on Thursday was the latest effort to incorporate women, but the two women (and 12 men) were eliminated. Christopher Gregory/The New York Times

Women (And Men) Face Big Hurdles In Training For Marine Infantry Units -- New York Times

QUANTICO, Va. — A group of Marine second lieutenants, all men, stood before the ropes on an obstacle course. They looked exhausted, though the day was far from done. One by one, they took their shots at scaling the line. One by one, most of them dropped short of the top. They were already three hours behind the front-runners in their class.

Behind them, two more Marines, both women, prepared to start the course. One, a former enlisted Marine who was shivering in the 40-degree breeze, tried repeatedly to surmount the first bar, but failed. The second, a recent Naval Academy graduate, did better, meticulously, sometimes ingeniously, working her way through many of the obstacles.

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My Comment:
I give them kudos for at least trying.

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