Friday, March 29, 2013

World News Briefs -- March 29, 2013

North Korea Orders Missile Readiness, State Media Reports -- New York Times

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korean state media said on Friday that the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, ordered his missile units to be ready to strike the United States and South Korea, which South Korean officials said could signal either preparations for missile tests or just more blustering.

Mr. Kim’s order, which North Korea said was given during an emergency meeting early Friday, was similar to the one issued Tuesday when the North’s top military command told all its missile and artillery units to be on the “highest alert” and ready to strike the United States and South Korea in retaliation against their joint military exercises.

But by attributing such an order to its top leader, North Korea tried to add weight to its threat.

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Syrian rebels capture key southern town.

Mortar kills 20 at Damascus university as Turkey denies expelling refugees.

Officials: Car bombs kill 19, wound 72 in Baghdad. Iraq: Car bombs hit worshippers in Baghdad and Kirkuk. Bombings kill 23, wound dozens in Iraq.

Iran criticizes Qatar for giving embassy to Syrian opposition.

Israel ups security along Lebanon border ahead of Land Day.

Natural gas to begin flowing from Tamar field, off Israel's Mediterranean coast.

Jerusalem's long Good Friday: tears, prayers and rented crosses.


N. Korea's Kim aims rockets at DC, LA, Hawaii and Austin. NKorea orders rocket prep after US B-2 drill.

N Korea holds mass rally supporting Kim's call to arms.

Russia warns against military activity near North Korea. North Korea tensions: Russia's Lavrov fears 'spiral'.

Chinese naval fleet heads deep into disputed waters.

Quarter of U.S. firms in China face data theft: business lobby.

Japanese study warns of China's rising military assertiveness.

Muslims vanish as Buddhist attacks approach Myanmar's biggest city.

11 killed in Pakistan suicide attack.

Taliban spread terror in Karachi as the new gang in town.

Shoe thrown at Pervez Musharraf as he gets bail extension.

Sri Lanka crowd attacks Muslim warehouse in Colombo.


French troops to remain in Mali all year.

UN approves DR Congo 'intervention brigade'.

Ousted Central African Republic leader Bozize seeks exile in W. African nation of Benin.

At least two dead in Tanzania construction site collapse.

Kenyan separatists deny being behind deadly resort attack.

Egypt's top Islamist accuses opposition of sowing unrest.

Britons in aid convoy kidnapped and sexually assaulted in Libya.

Nelson Mandela 'making steady progress' in hospital. Mandela making 'steady progress' in S Africa hospital.


Cyprus says threat contained, no plan to leave euro.

Attempt to end Italy crisis stalls, president mulls next move.

Defiant Francois Hollande pledges supertax on companies.

Putin promotes Russian People's Front as new power base.

Bosnia's 'Monster of Grbavica' gets 45 years.

Serbs in Kosovo jailed over deadly riots.

French tycoon Alain Afflelou's private jet used for £40m cocaine trafficking.


White House to release budget plan on April 10.

Venezuela's precampaign season off to a roaring start.

Colombia kills leader of ELN guerrilla group during military operation

Departing UN official blasts Haiti's rights record.

Clashes as Chile students march for education reform.

7,000 dental patients warned of potential HIV, hepatitis exposure.


Gitmo prisoners on hunger strike demand bottled water. Guantanamo guard commander defends prison water.

American who fought with Al Qaeda against Syria's Assad arrested in Virginia.

France ready to blacklist armed wing of Hezbollah.


Amazon to buy Goodreads for undisclosed sum.

World's oldest bank reports £2.7bn loss.

BlackBerry prolongs its day of reckoning.

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