Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Germany`s Defense Minister Gives Some Blunt Opinions

Photo: German Defense Minister Thomas de Maizière. Wikipedia

German Defence Minister: Countries Must Learn That Fighting Is Not Enough -- The Guardian

Thomas de Maizière gives his frank views on Britain, Nato, the European Union and the lessons of Afghanistan

Thomas de Maizière is obviously a serious-minded man, and there is no hint of irony when he says he regards the UK as a good ally, and his British counterpart, Philip Hammond, as a close friend.

But the German defence minister, who has been in post for two years, is obviously the sort of intimate who believes directness and honesty are important, and straight talking is better than shilly-shallying.

Especially where the military is involved. So during an interview at his office in Berlin, de Maizière is forthright about the dangers of Britain leaving the EU, and he expresses irritation at the countries who believe German money can solve all of Europe's banking and defence problems. In public at least, he resists the temptation to highlight the incongruity of Britain, France and the US imploring Germany to do more, and spend more, on military operations.

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My Comment:
A German perspective .... take it for what it is worth.

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