Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How China's Foreign Policy Is Changing The World

China’s Ruthless Foreign Policy Is Changing The World In Dangerous Ways -- Jonathan Kay, National Post

Are we witnessing the end of the “American age”? It depends whom you ask. But one thing is certain: Thanks to the near-bankruptcy of the American welfare state, Washington is losing both the means and desire to project power across the world. Inevitably, nations with deeper pockets — China, most notably — will fill the void.

This process already is underway in many parts of the world. That includes large swathes of Central Asia, where Beijing’s billions are beginning to revolutionize regional infrastructure and alliances — in dazzling but potentially dangerous ways.

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My Comment: Jonathan Kay may call China's foreign policy .... I call it realistic. The U.S. got bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan at great cost in blood and treasure .... but it is China that is now positioned to take advantage of new opportunities. Such a policy is not dangerous .... it is realpolitik.

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