Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is President Obama Kicking The Syrian Chemical Weapons Can Down The Road?

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U.S. Kicks Syria Chemical Weapons Can Down The Road -- Charles P. Blair, Special To CNN 

Syria’s civil war is the first to engulf a country armed with weapons of mass destruction. Understandably, the unfolding cataclysm precipitated by that country’s collapse has prompted new levels of uncertainty and risk.

But where exactly does the Obama administration stand on managing the various threats posed by Syria’s chemical weapons?

 An April 25 letter from the White House to members of Congress included the Obama administration’s seventh notice threatening unspecified but “significant” action if the al-Assad regime crossed the “red line” on chemical weapons activity.

But by remaining mute on what specifically constitutes a chemical weapon in the context of its “red line,” and by characterizing the mounting evidence of chemical weapons use by Syrian military forces as requiring “credible and corroborating facts” validated by the United Nations, the administration clearly wants to avoid (or at least delay as long as possible) substantive action against the regime. Yet there are obvious risks to this “wait and see” approach.

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My Comment: Getting involved in the Syrian conflict .... without sending in ground troops .... will still involve thousands of soldiers .... naval and air force resources that are already stretched .... tens of billions of dollars .... a national and international political push for support .... laying the groundwork and marshal;ling the massive resources that will be needed for the post-Assad era .... and more important for President Obama .... a dramatic shift away from his own national agenda.

President Obama is not only kicking the "can down the road" .... he is trying his best to kick the "can OFF the road".

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