Monday, April 29, 2013

Libya Faces A Growing Islamist Threat

Libya Faces Growing Islamist Threat -- The Guardian

Exclusive: Diplomats warn that militants squeezed out of Mali by western intervention are hitting targets in Tripoli.

Diplomats are warning of growing Islamist violence against western targets in Libya as blowback from the war in Mali, following last week's attack on the French embassy in Tripoli.

The bomb blast that wrecked much of the embassy is seen as a reprisal by Libyan militants for the decision by Paris the day before to extend its military mission against fellow jihadists in Mali.

The Guardian has learned that jihadist groups ejected from their Timbuktu stronghold have moved north, crossing the Sahara through Algeria and Niger to Libya, fuelling a growing Islamist insurgency.

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My Comment: Libya is in turmoil .... but at least the government is now in a position where it's coffers are being filled with oil money.

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