Thursday, April 11, 2013

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- April 11, 2013

U.S. And South Korea Put Forces On Alert For Missile Test By North -- New York Times

SEOUL, South Korea — American and South Korean troops increased alert levels on Wednesday as South Korea’s foreign minister warned that North Korea could launch its medium-range Musudan missile “any time from now.”

Although North Korea has tested many of its short-range Scud and medium-range Rodong missiles, it has never flight-tested the longer-distance Musudan, believed by experts to have a range of 1,550 miles to 2,500 miles. A successful test of the missile would demonstrate the North’s potential to hit not only South Korea but also all of Japan and targets as far away as the American military bases on Guam, a Pacific island.

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Hagel: North Korea, Iran Can’t Reach US With Nuclear Weapons -- CBS

A look at US-South Korean joint military exercises that have angered North Korea -- Washington Post/AP

Chinese President Xi Jinping asserts military leadership in visit to key southern naval base -- FOX News/AP

Russia’s Newest Warship Completes Sea Trials -- RIA Novosti

Russia to Field MiG-31 Replacement by 2020 - Commander -- RIA Novosti

Russian Air Force Approves New Bomber Design – Commander -- RIA Novosti

Yemen president orders military shake-up -- Al Jazeera

Indonesians Call for Crackdown on Military -- New York Times

Review Finds Flaws in New Zealand’s Foreign Intelligence Agency -- Defense News

India, Russia Agree On Technical Specs of New PAK FA Fighter -- Defence Talk

NATO Under Pressure As Allies Cut Defense Costs -- Defence Talk/German Radio

Margaret Thatcher's funeral to involve 700 armed forces personnel -- The Guardian

Dangerous Depths: German Waters Teeming with WWII Munitions -- Carsten Holm, Spiegel Online

Lockheed promises tailhook fix to Navy’s F-35C -- DoD Buzz

Chinook upgrade means easier switch between hauling passengers, cargo -- Stars and Stripes

Drones replace ‘The Right Stuff’: Fighter pilots make way for remote warfare -- Washington Times

New cybersecurity bill clears House committee -- CNN

More Navy vessels shifting to Asia-Pacific area -- Stars and Stripes/Honolulu Star

Defense Department budget unveiled; takes fire from all sides -- Stars and Stripes

Navy Budget Share Grows, Boosted By Pacific Strategy Shift -- Aol Defense

Pivot means smaller presence outside Pacific -- Richard Sisk, DoD Buzz

The Army Has It Worst 2.0: Readiness Shortchanged $13.7 Billion -- Aol Defense

USAF Space Command Chief: Budget Cuts Force Hard Choices -- Defense News

McKeon: ‘Big’ DoD Reprogramming Request Coming Soon -- Defense News

DoD 2014 Request is $52B Over Spending Caps -- Defense News

DoD Planning 40K-50K Civilian Job Cuts Over Next 5 Years -- Defense News

Budget restricts Navy, Marine surge capability -- DoD Buzz

Amos: Replace LSD amphib fleet with LPDs -- DoD Buzz

Hagel says he supports Obama's call to close military prison at Guantanamo Bay -- FOX News

Bradley Manning trial may include Navy SEAL from Osama bin Laden raid -- Christian Science Monitor

Air Force general defends overturning sexual-assault conviction -- Washington Post

2014 Budget: Three Reasons Why Pentagon's Request Is Irrelevant -- Sydney J. Freedberg Jr., Aol Defense

The Pentagon's 'Lost Year;' Time To Clear The Rubble -- David Berteau, Aol Defense

50th anniversary of USS Thresher disaster -- CBS (Video)

Save Our Subs: Prioritizing The Attack Submarine -- Rep. Randy Forbes and Rep. Joe Courtney, Aol Defense

The US Air Force As You Know It No Longer Exists -- David Cenciotti, Business Insider/The Aviationist

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