Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- April 30, 2013

Land-based missiles may force US aircraft carriers and fueling tankers to stand off so far that F-35s might not reach their targets.

Beyond F-35: Rep. Forbes & Adm. Greenert on Cyber, Drones & Carriers -- AOl Defense

WASHINGTON: What homemade roadside bombs could do to Army and Marine ground vehicles was the ugly surprise of the last decade. What sophisticated long-range missiles could do to Navy aircraft carriers could be the ugly surprise of the next. "I think it would almost follow like the night to the day," Rep. Randy Forbes told me in a recent interview. "The last decade... we asked a disproportionate sacrifice from the Army and Marine Corps," he went on. "The next decade's going to be the decade of seapower and projection forces, [and] some of those ugly surprises we see bits and pieces of already."

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Pentagon steps up planning for potential military intervention in Syria
-- CNN

Hagel: No rush to judgment on Syria's chemical weapons -- The Hill

Survey: Some public support for US military action in Syria -- The Hill

Israeli Air Force struck SSRC facility without entering Syrian airspace -- Threat Matrix

US Says Syria Has Beefed Up Air Defenses -- Defense News

Talking to Syria’s rebel leader about chemical weapons, jihadi rebels, and the day after Assad falls. -- Afsin Yurdakul, Foreign Policy

North Korea halts missile launch preparations -- Asahi Shimbun

RAF's role in US drone attacks that killed hundreds of Iraqis: MoD admits for first time that Britain helped pilot the aircraft from American bases -- Daily Mail

Crisis-Hit France To Cut Armed Forces By 10 Percent -- Defense News/AFP

Grim Economics Shape France’s Military Spending -- New York Times

First Project 11356 Frigate to Join Russian Navy Next Year -- RIA Novosti

Up to 20 new ships, boats to join Black Sea Fleet in near future -- Russia & Inida Report

NATO Inspectors to Fly Over Russia -- RIA Novosti

Amos Yadlin: The Israeli intelligence picture -- Jerusalem Post

Israel Inaugurates 5th Dolphin-Class Sub -- Defense News

Can Foreign Sales Of The F35 Breathe Life Back Into The Struggling Program? -- Defense World

Pentagon Downplays Comment On F-35 Cyberthreat (More news here) -- Aviation Week

There Could Be As Many As 10,000 Drones Above US Skies By 2020 -- Business Insider/Real Clear Politics

Pentagon using China satellite for US-Africa Command -- Stars and Stripes/Bloomberg News

Pentagon Paying China — Yes, China — To Carry Data -- Danger Room

South Korea: Joint military drills with U.S. over, but vigilance on North remains -- CNN

Leaving Asia, Dempsey Discusses Combined Defense, China Engagement -- US Department of Defense

US sending more Ospreys to Okinawa -- Stars and Stripes

Should cyber warfare be elevated to highest command structure? -- Chris Carroll, Stars and Stripes

Activists, UN put 'killer robots' in the crosshairs -- NBC

Marine Corps Commandant: sequester cuts could force out more Marines -- Marine Times

As the Insurrection Feebly Continues, Odierno Takes a Budget Bullet -- Mark Thompson, Battleland/Time

Maj. Gen. H.R. McMaster on the big hole in the COIN and security forces manuals -- Thomas E. Ricks, Best Defense/Foreign Policy

U.S. Defense Department becomes a wildlife protector -- L.A. Times

Boston terror suspects uncle was married to CIA officer's daughter and even shared a home with the agent -- Daily Mail

Expert: Intelligence system made 'mistakes' ahead of Boston -- CNN

Grassley calls for 'true leadership' in US intel, law enforcement -- The Hill

Biden Backs Public Disclosure of Torture Report -- Roll Call

1st female Iraq war resister to be court-martialed -- Army Times

Obama administration threatening Benghazi whistleblowers: Report -- Washington Times

These Two Companies Are Leading Obama's Challenge To Hire 100,000 Veterans
-- Business Insider

NBA, fine, but where are all the gay military officers? -- Kevin Baron, The E-Ring/Foreign Policy

Can the rush in gaming help overcome the stress of combat? -- Matthew M. Burke, Stars and Stripes

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