Friday, May 31, 2013

Afghanistan War News Updates -- May 31, 2013

Marines Stand Back As Afghans Take Lead -- Washington Times

Yet the threat of danger never far away even with reduced combat role

CAMP DWYER, Afghanistan — For Marines training and working with Afghan troops to help secure their war-torn country, danger is ever-present — even at bases operated by their Afghan counterparts.

Marines inside Afghan bases are instructed to keep their guns on the highest readiness condition, and are always accompanied by “guardian angels” — Marines who provide security for those interacting with Afghan troops.

Meanwhile, most Afghan troops are not allowed to carry weapons in their bases, except for security guards.

“There are about 800 Afghans here — 799 of those Afghans are awesome,” Marine Lt. Col. Philip Treglia, the officer in charge of advising the Afghan National Army’s 1st Brigade of the 215th Maiwand Corps, said at Camp Garmsir, an Afghan base near his Marines’ Camp Dwyer. “It’s that ‘one’ you have to worry about, and it’s not because of the Taliban. It’s because he got into an argument that morning.

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More News On Afghanistan

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War in Afghanistan set to cost every British household £2,000 as bill soars to £4billion -- Daily Mail
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