Friday, May 31, 2013

How Not To Build A Submarine

Too Heavy: Engineers are addressing a design flaw with the Isaac Peral, lead ship of Spanish builder Navantia's new class of subs, that made it so heavy it would be unable to resurface if it submerges. (Navantia)

Spain's £1.75Billion Submarine Programme Is Torpedoed After Realising Near-Complete Vessel Is 70 Tonnes Too Heavy Because Engineer Put Decimal Point In The Wrong Place -- Daily Mail

* Experts fear that the Isaac Peral will not surface again if sent to sea
* The mistake will cost £9million over three years to rectify
* A US company is to present a range of options to Spanish officials
* The project could be set back two years by the error

A £1.75billion Spanish submarine project has run aground after officials realised that the vessel is more than 70 tonnes too heavy - because an engineer put a decimal point in the wrong place.

A former Spanish official has described the mistake, which has led to fears that the submarine might not resurface if sent to sea, as 'fatal'.

The Isaac Peral, the first in a new class of diesel electric submarines, was almost complete when the problem was noticed.

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Update: Navantia Gets US Help To Fix Overweight Sub -- Defense News

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