Saturday, June 1, 2013

U.S. Naval Academy Investigating Allegations Of Sexual Assault

U.S. President Obama carries a helmet presented to him by the U.S. Naval Academy football team at a presentation ceremony for the Commander-In-Chief's Trophy in Washington (Jason Reed Reuters, / April 12, 2013)

Naval Academy Probing Allegation Of Sexual Assault -- Washington Post

The U.S. Naval Academy is investigating an accusation that three of the school’s football players sexually assaulted a female midshipman at a party last year.

An Academy spokesman declined to identify the students and said no charges have been filed.

An attorney for the woman, Susan Burke, said the incident occurred last April at an off-campus “football house” in Annapolis.

The woman got drunk and passed out, Burke said, and woke up remembering little from the party. “She learned from friends and social media that three football players were claiming to have had sexual intercourse with her while she was incapacitated,” Burke wrote in an email distributed to reporters.

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