Sunday, June 30, 2013

Europe Will Not Get Involved in the Syrian Civil War

Europe Likely To Stay On Sidelines When U.S. Ships Arms To Syria Rebels -- McClatchy News

BERLIN — When the Obama administration begins arming Syrian rebels through the CIA, something news reports say will happen within the next month, it probably it will be acting without help from its European allies.

Despite the end of the European Union’s embargo on supplying weapons to the rebels, which expired May 30, experts see little will or appetite among European nations for adding more weapons to the bloody Syrian civil war. Not even the British, who were pressing just weeks ago for arming the rebels, are likely to do so.

In part, that sentiment is based on a deep concern that not enough is known about the groups that make up the rebel forces. In particular, the prominence of the Nusra Front, with strong ties to al Qaida and the al Qaida-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq, raises concerns that any weapons sent into that conflict might be used eventually against international troops or interests, either in Syria or elsewhere.

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My Comment: After demanding a more robust support of the Syrian rebel movement .... the Europeans are now changing their minds. This European position is in contrast to many Arab states who are having no problems or doubts when it comes to arming the Syrian rebels.

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