Sunday, June 30, 2013

The NSA Can Store A Billion Cell Phone Calls Every Day

Glenn Greenwald: NSA Can Store A Billion Cell Phone Calls Every Day -- Huffington Post

Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald says he has another big scoop about the National Security Agency's surveillance practices up his sleeve.

Speaking over Skype to the Socialism Conference in Chicago, Greenwald claimed that the NSA has the ability to store one billion phone calls each day.

Greenwald's reporting earlier this month sparked the scandal over NSA surveillance practices that is currently plaguing the Obama administration. The stories were based on classified documents leaked to him by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, and Greenwald indicated Friday night that he's sitting on several more -- one of which he decided to talk about even though his story on it hasn't been published yet.

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My Comment: Any doubts on Glenn Greenwald's political leanings were put to rest when he made this latest "NSA billion cell phone call" claim at the Socialism 2013 conference in Chicago. But aside his political leanings .... which I disagree with 101% .... the focus should be on the NSA story and not on Glenn Greenwald's personal life or political leanings. Unfortunately .... in today's highly politicized world .... many in the mainstream media are not following that rule. More here on Glenn Greenwald .... and Glenn Greenwald's response to this media focus on his personal life is here.


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The laughs and claps seem so 'put'on, almost sitcom like.

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