Sunday, June 30, 2013

The World's Middle Class Is In Revolt

REUTERS/Osman Orsal

Middle-Class Rage Sparks Protest Movements In Turkey, Brazil, Bulgaria And Beyond -- Washington Post

As protests raged in Turkey and were set to explode in distant Brazil, Asen Genov sat in his office in Bulgaria’s capital on the cloudy morning of June 14, about to strike the computer key that would spark a Bulgarian Spring.

Only months earlier, public outrage over high electricity bills in the country had brought down a previous government, but Genov saw more reason for anger when the new administration tapped a shadowy media mogul to head the national security service. Furious, Genov posted a Facebook event calling for a protest in Sofia, the nation’s capital, though he was dubious about turnout for a demonstration focused not on pocketbooks but on corruption and cronyism in government.

“We made bets on how many would come. I thought maybe 500,” said Genov, a 44-year-old who helps run a fact-checking Web site.

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My Comment: it is not only the middle class that is in revolt .... more to the point .... in places like Europe it is "angry young men" who are protesting and in some cases becoming violent.

Update: This is a must see .... 23 Iconic Pictures Of Global Unrest From The Last Three Years -- Business Insider

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