Sunday, June 30, 2013

U.S. Military Presence In Jordan Raising Concerns In The Middle East

The coastal city of Aqaba was the site of military exercises are said to be designed to promote military relationships and face terrorism

Assad-Busters: At A Secret Base In Jordan, U.S Special Forces Are Training Syrian Rebels For War...But Loads Fear Sleeper Cells In Their Nation Will Wreak A Terrible Revenge -- Daily Mail

* 8,000 military personnel are behind Operation Eager Lion training exercise
* Arms from the West would have to travel through Jordan to get to Syria
* It is believed this could enrage Assad, who may well seek revenge
* Jordan’s Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour insists that US forces are not preparing for a war in Syria

Flying low over the Jordanian desert, F-16 fighter jets flatten targets in the sand while tanks unleash their deadly firepower and paratroopers dot the late afternoon sky.

These were the scenes a fortnight ago in Operation Eager Lion, the United States-led exercise involving 8,000 service personnel that the military insists was only routine.

In Jordan, though, the war games now feel like a precursor to the invasion of neighbouring Syria. And not just because live rounds were fired.

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Update: Jordanians 'suspicious' about US military deployment -- AFP

My Comment: These concerns are justified. Jordan's location makes it a natural conduit for any arms shipments to Syria's rebels.

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