Monday, July 29, 2013

Americans Have 'Given Up' On Afghanistan

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Weary: Americans are have grown increasingly tired of US troops being involved in Afghanistan

Afghan War Poll Reveals That Two-Thirds Of Americans Believe It Wasn't Worth Fighting -- Daily Mail

* Sentiment against the Afghan War tops that against the Iraq War despite Afghanistan seeing less than half the US troop deaths as Iraq
* A surprising majority of Americans still want to keep troops in Afghanistan to train local forces

Public opinion against the Afghan War has topped discontent seen during even the darkest days of the Iraq War.

Almost 12 years into the conflict, 67 per cent of Americans responding to a recent poll agree that the war in Afghanistan hasn’t been worth fighting. Only 28 per cent of Americans believe the war was worth fighting, but an unexpected 53 per cent are against removing all troops from the country.

In short, acrimony towards the Afghan War now exceeds the most negative opinions seen against the Iraq War in 2007, during which almost 1,000 US soldiers died carrying out Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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