Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Facebook Refuses To Assist The UN In Tracking Suspected Somali Pirates

Photo: Facebook said in a statement that the UN group had no legal authority to demand data from the company. iol

Facebook Spurns U.N. Request For Information On Suspected Pirates In Somalia -- All Facebook

The United Nations Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea was highly critical of Facebook in a report, saying that the social network refused its requests for information on the accounts of users suspected of involvement in piracy, and Facebook responded that it was under no legal obligation to comply with those requests.

According to AP, a report by the monitoring group said that while other companies assisted it in investigations of piracy, al-Qaida, and government corruption, Facebook refused to cooperate, adding:

Despite repeated official correspondence addressed to Facebook Inc., it has never responded to monitoring group requests to discuss information on Facebook accounts belonging to individuals involved in hijackings and hostage-taking.

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My Comment: These Somali pirates are pure evil .... and (in my opinion) Facebook's refusal to assist UN investigators is simply wrong. Here are two stories on two hostages who know first hand on what it was like to be held as a hostage by these thugs.

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