Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Is Japan Becoming Militaristic?

A More Militaristic Japan? Shinzo Abe's Party Now Controls Both Houses -- Craig Dale, CBC News

Nationalism, a less pacific constitution and an aggressive, pro-Japan economic plan all pushed to the fore.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has proved that patience in politics, along with good timing, can pay off.

Six years ago, he was licking his wounds after his Liberal Democratic Party suffered a demoralizing defeat in an upper house election. He resigned two months later, citing health issues.

Today, he's feeling the rush of political redemption. He returned to the top job in December following a landslide general election, and now he’s savouring the complete victory that eluded him back in 2007.

"I think the people have shown that they believe in us," Abe said in an interview with public broadcaster NHK after the LDP and its junior coalition partner, New Komeito, won yesterday's upper house vote. "We are really the only choice."

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My Comment: One election result does not make a militaristic Japan. But in response to China's growing military .... Japan is definitely expanding it's military after being in decline for almost a decade.

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