Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- July 31, 2013

Bradley Manning Could Still Die In Jail Despite Being Found NOT GUILTY Of Being A Traitor - As Military Judge Rules Army Private Is Guilty Of Spying By Passing 700,000 Secret Files To WikiLeaks -- Daily Mail

* Bradley Manning, 25, was found not guilty of Aiding the Enemy by sending troves of classified material to WikiLeaks
* However, he was found guilty of 20 out of 21 charges leveled against him and still faces the possibility of life behind bars
* Officially convicted of passing information to WikiLeaks - headed by Julian Assange
* On the eve of the verdict Assange called Manning a 'hero'
* Sentencing will begin tomorrow morning at 9.30 a.m.
* Prosecutor failed to prove Manning knew classified information would be seen by Al-Qaeda
* Bin Laden had digital files at his compound in Pakistan when he was killed

Private Bradley Manning, the former Army intelligence who sent over 700,000 secret government documents to WikiLeaks, was dramatically convicted of all espionage charges leveled against him this afternoon, but acquitted of being a traitor.

Manning stood at attention, flanked by his attorneys, as the judge read her verdicts. He appeared not to react, though his attorney, David Coombs, smiled faintly when he heard not guilty on Aiding the Enemy.

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U.S. military judge to hear arguments in Manning sentencing -- Reuters

Senators strongly criticise intelligence chiefs over NSA data collection -- The Guardian

More on NSA surveillance programs to be declassified -- CNN

Major opinion shifts, in the US and Congress, on NSA surveillance and privacy -- Gleen Greenwald, The Guardian

Here’s why ‘trust us’ isn’t working for the NSA any more -- Timothy B. Lee, Washington Post

Japan plans to boost military capability in overhaul of pacifist defence strategy -- The Guardian

INSIGHT: China puts Japan on notice that warship drills are now routine -- Asahi Shimbun

China’s Military Preparing for ‘People’s War’ in Cyberspace, Space -- Washington Free Beacon

China opens doors of secretive military base to journalists -- Press TV

Philippines likely to stay in Golan Heights for another six months -- Reuters

France and Germany seek to revive EU defence policy -- EU Observer

Pentagon: Afghan forces will need help beyond 2014 -- Military Times/AP

Senate Panel Approves $594B DoD Spending Bill -- Defense News

F-35 Prices Drop 8 Percent In $7 Billion Deal -- Breaking Defense

F-35 LRIP 6 and 7 costs not being reported correctly in the news -- Eric Palmer Blog

F-35 lands in San Diego for first time -- UT San Diego

Electronic Weapons: The Supercomputer Behind The Camera -- Strategy Page

US Senate Panel Approves Dempsey and Winnefeld for JCS Posts -- Defense News

Pentagon rethinking cut to "danger pay" for troops in Mideast -- CNN

Sen. McCain calls for pause in funding of U.S. Navy's ships -- Reuters

These Weird Warplanes Didn’t Need Runways -- David Axe, War Is Boring

Veterans group survey shows alarming suicide numbers -- Stars and Stripes

USS Germantown chief petty officer sentenced for sexual assault -- Stars and Stripes

President Obama Sending Drones All Around the Globe -- Joe Wolverton, New American

Pentagon: Guantanamo tab $5.2 billion and counting -- Stars and Stripes/Miami Herald

DoD: Playboy, Penthouse are not indecent -- Military Times

Veterans of WWII raid holding 70th reunion in Ohio -- Stars and Stripes/AP

Total U.S. Military Deaths in Afghanistan at 2,119 -- CBS

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