Monday, July 22, 2013

New Map Graphics Measures The Impact Of A Nuclear Strike On A Major World City

Nuclear Doomsday is Coming Today. You’ll Want to See This. -- National Journal

WASHINGTON -- It’s Thursday, July 18, and nuclear Armageddon is upon us. Or at least you might be excused for thinking so when you glimpse on your colleague’s computer monitor a compelling simulation of a mushroom cloud rising over your home town.

That’s the 2.0 version of NUKEMAP -- now in three dimensions! -- expected for launch by late Thursday, the brainchild of a guy named Alex Wellerstein.

A historian with the American Institute of Physics, Wellerstein has had 3 million visitors to the original two-dimensional edition of his website, who have virtually detonated a whopping 17.4 million nuclear warheads over their choice of locations virtually anywhere around the world.

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WNU Editor: Nukemap's 'classical' version is here. It's new version is here.

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