Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Software Can Predict Where You Will Be Years From Now

A screenshot from the Far Out mapping software. Researchers from Microsoft and Google can predict where a person will be years from now using this system. The program tracks a person using GPS and learns their routine. It then uses this information to accurately plot their future locations

New Tracking Software Knows Exactly Where You'll Be On A Precise Time And Date YEARS Into The Future (Even If You Don't) -- Daily Mail

* Program called Far Out tracks people using GPS to learn their routine
* It then makes predictions about where that person will be in future years
* Far Out can react to changes in jobs, relationships and moving house
* The results are 'highly accurate' and can plot locations to the date

Where do you see yourself in five years time? It's a common interview question designed to learn about a person's ambitions, and thanks to new technology you could soon be able to give a precise answer to this question.

Researchers from Microsoft and Google can predict where a person will be years from now using a new computer software called Far Out.The programme tracks a person using a GPS device and learns their routine.

It then uses this information to accurately guess their future locations and will adapts its predictions even if someone changes their job, relationship or moves house.

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My Comment: I suspect that many refinements will still be needed on the software .... but if "ironed out" the implications for business, conflicts and war zones, politics .... it would be staggering.


D.Plowman said...

Call bullshit..

Plenty of programs that do practically the same thing. Like a chess computer, all this does is it tries to 'predict' your pattern and where your most likely to go. It tries too anyhow.

How can it account for chaos theory, or all the other small variables it can't possibly count for?

What happens if I decide to break my routine on a specific day. If it's just a routine logger then I'm not impressed, and the claim that it can predict where you will be in the future at precise time, etc, is just wild marketing at play.

Raghu said...

HOpe this software very much useful to the knowledged and scholars to know their future predictions. But, when one could not be serious and select wrong information and who feels it a joke would not be possible to get clear idea on his future. But, it will be truly a nice software to the real and positive thinking people.

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