Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why Is Britain Becoming A Sanctuary For War Criminals?

A UK Border Agency worker poses with a passport during a demonstration of the new facial recognition gates at the North Terminal of Gatwick Airport near London, November 23, 2009. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

'Nearly 100 War Crimes Suspects' In UK Last Year -- BBC

he Home Office last year identified nearly 100 suspected war criminals who had made UK immigration applications, figures released to the BBC suggest.

The majority of cases involved people already likely to have been living in Britain for a number of years.

Suspects originated from countries including Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Rwanda, Serbia and Sri Lanka.

The Home Office says it is determined the UK doesn't become a "refuge for war criminals".

Human rights groups are calling for more criminal prosecutions in Britain as the courts commonly block deportation on human rights grounds if suspects face torture or death in their home country.

The figures emerged from a Freedom of Information request made by the BBC.

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My Comment: More evidence that the British immigration system has broken down.

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